Title 37


383.4 Terms for making payment of royalty fees.

§ 383.4 Terms for making payment of royalty fees.

(a) Terms in general. Subject to the provisions of this section, terms governing timing and due dates of royalty payments to the Collective, late fees, statements of account, audit and verification of royalty payments and distributions, cost of audit and verification, record retention requirements, treatment of Licensees' confidential information, distribution of royalties by the Collective, unclaimed funds, designation of the Collective, and any definitions for applicable terms not defined herein and not otherwise inapplicable shall be those adopted by the Copyright Royalty Judges for Digital audio transmission and the reproduction of ephemeral recordings by Commercial Webcasters in 37 CFR part 380, subpart A of this chapter, for the license period 2021-2025. For purposes of this part, the term “Collective” refers to the collection and distribution organization that is designated by the Copyright Royalty Judges. For the License Period through 2020, the sole Collective is SoundExchange, Inc.

(b) Reporting of performances. Without prejudice to any applicable notice and recordkeeping provisions, statements of account shall not require reports of performances.

(c) Applicable regulations. To the extent not inconsistent with this part, all applicable regulations, including part 370 of this chapter, shall apply to activities subject to this part.

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