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Title 36 Part 1236 → Subpart A

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Title 36: Parks, Forests, and Public Property

§1236.2   What definitions apply to this part?

(a) See §1220.18 of this subchapter for definitions of terms used throughout Subchapter B, including part 1236.

(b) As used in part 1236—

Digitizing is the process of converting paper or analog records into electronic records.

Electronic information system means an information system that contains and provides access to computerized Federal records and other information.

Electronic mail system means a computer application used to create, receive, and transmit messages and other documents. Excluded from this definition are file transfer utilities (software that transmits files between users but does not retain any transmission data), data systems used to collect and process data that have been organized into data files or data bases on either personal computers or mainframe computers, and word processing documents not transmitted on an e-mail system.

Metadata consists of preserved contextual information describing the history, tracking, and/or management of an electronic document.

Unstructured electronic records means records created using office automation applications such as electronic mail and other messaging applications, word processing, or presentation software.

[74 FR 51014, Oct. 2, 2009, as amended at 84 FR 14266, Apr. 10, 2019]

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§1236.4   What standards are used as guidance for this part?

These regulations conform with ISO 15489-1:2001. Paragraph 9.6 (Storage and handling) is relevant to this part.

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§1236.6   What are agency responsibilities for electronic records management?

Agencies must:

(a) Incorporate management of electronic records into the records management activities required by parts 1220-1235 of this subchapter;

(b) Integrate records management and preservation considerations into the design, development, enhancement, and implementation of electronic information systems in accordance with subpart B of this part; and

(c) Appropriately manage electronic records in accordance with subpart C of this part.

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