Title 36


Subpart C - Salary Offset

36: 1201.30
   1201.30 What debts are included or excluded from coverage of these regulations on salary offset
36: 1201.31
   1201.31 May I ask NARA to waive an overpayment that otherwise would be collected by offsetting my salary as a Federal employee
36: 1201.32
   1201.32 What are NARA's procedures for salary offset
36: 1201.33
   1201.33 How will NARA coordinate salary offsets with other agencies
36: 1201.34
   1201.34 Under what conditions will NARA make a refund of amounts collected by salary offset
36: 1201.35
   1201.35 Will the collection of a claim by salary offset act as a waiver of my rights to dispute the claimed debt