Title 36

SECTION 1225.26

1225.26 How do agencies change a disposition authority

§ 1225.26 How do agencies change a disposition authority?

Agencies must submit an SF 115 to permanently change the approved disposition of records. Disposition authorities are automatically superseded by approval of a later SF 115 for the same records unless the later SF 115 specifies an effective date. As provided in § 1226.20(c) of this subchapter, agencies are authorized to retain records eligible for destruction until the new schedule is approved.

(a) SF 115s that revise previously approved disposition authorities must cite all of the following, if applicable:

(1) The SF 115 and item numbers to be superseded;

(2) The General Records Schedules and item numbers that cover the records, if any; and

(3) The current published records disposition manual and item numbers; or the General Records Schedules and item numbers that cover the records.

(b) Agencies must submit with the SF 115 an explanation and justification for the change.

(c) For temporary retention of records beyond their normal retention period, see § 1226.18 of this subchapter.

(d) Agencies must secure NARA approval of a change in the period of time that permanent records will remain in agency legal custody prior to transfer to the National Archives of the United States. To request approval, agencies send written requests to NARA, by mail at National Archives and Records Administration; Office of the Chief Records Officer (AC); 8601 Adelphi Road; College Park, MD 20740-6001, or by email at [email protected] NARA approval is documented as an annotation to the schedule item. A new SF 115 is not required to extend the time period of agency legal custody.

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