Title 36 Part 1202 → Subpart C → §1202.54

Title 36 → Chapter XII → Subchapter A → Part 1202 → Subpart C → §1202.54

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Title 36 Part 1202 → Subpart C → §1202.54

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Title 36Chapter XIISubchapter APart 1202Subpart C → §1202.54

Title 36: Parks, Forests, and Public Property
Subpart C—Individual Access to Records

§1202.54   On what grounds can NARA deny my Privacy Act request?

(a) NARA can deny your Privacy Act request for records if the records are maintained in an exempt systems of records are described in subpart F of this part.

(b) A system manager may deny your request for access to your records only if:

(1) NARA has published rules in the Federal Register exempting the pertinent system of records from the access requirement; and

(2) The record is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

(c) Upon receipt of a request for access to a record which is contained within an exempt system of records, NARA will:

(1) Review the record to determine whether all or part of the record must be released to you in accordance with §1202.40, notwithstanding the inclusion of the record within an exempt system of records; and

(2) Provide access to the record (or part of the record, if it is not fully releasable) in accordance with §1202.46 or notify you that the request has been denied in whole or in part.

(d) If your request is denied in whole or in part, NARA's notice will include a statement specifying the applicable Privacy Act and FOIA exemptions and advising you of the right to appeal the decision as explained in §1202.56.