Title 36

SECTION 1200.12

1200.12 How does NARA notify me of the determination

§ 1200.12 How does NARA notify me of the determination?

NARA will notify you by mail of the final decision, usually within 3 weeks from the date we receive your request. If NARA approves your request, we will send you a camera-ready copy of the official seal(s) and/or logo(s) along with an approval letter that will:

(a) Reference back to the submitted request (either through the date or another distinguishing characteristic) indicating approval of the specific use, as defined in the request; and

(b) Include NARA's conditions for use, which are identified in § 1200.14.

[67 FR 72101, Dec. 4, 2002, as amended at 69 FR 26051, May 11, 2004]