Title 34


662.4 What is the amount of a fellowship

§ 662.4 What is the amount of a fellowship?

(a) The Secretary pays -

(1) Travel expenses to and from the residence of the fellow and the country or countries of research;

(2) A maintenance stipend for the fellow and his or her dependents related to cost of living in the host country or countries;

(3) An allowance for research-related expenses overseas, such as books, copying, tuition and affiliation fees, local travel, and other incidental expenses; and

(4) Health and accident insurance premiums.

(b) In addition, the Secretary may pay -

(1) Emergency medical expenses not covered by health and accident insurance; and

(2) The costs of preparing and transporting the remains of a fellow or dependent who dies during the term of the fellowship to his or her former home.

(c) The Secretary announces the amount of benefits expected to be available in an application notice published in the Federal Register.

(Authority: 22 U.S.C. 2452(b)(6), 2454(e) (1) and (2))