Title 34

SECTION 263.11

263.11 What are the participant payback reporting requirements

§ 263.11 What are the participant payback reporting requirements?

(a) Notice of intent. Participants must submit to the Secretary, within 30 days of completion of, or exit from, as applicable, their training program, a notice of intent to complete a work-related or cash payback, or to continue in a degree program as a full-time student.

(b) Work-related payback. (1) Starting within six months after exit from or completion of the program, participants must submit to the Secretary employment information, which includes information explaining how the employment is related to the training received and benefits Indian students in an LEA that serves a high proportion of Indian students.

(2) Participants must submit an employment status report every six months beginning from the date the work-related service is to begin until the payback obligation has been fulfilled.

(c) Cash payback. If a cash payback is to be made, the Department contacts the participant to establish an appropriate schedule for payments.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1810-0698) [80 FR 22412, Apr. 22, 2015. Redesignated and amended at 85 FR 41379, July 10, 2020]