Title 33

SECTION 168.60

168.60 Pre-escort conference.

§ 168.60 Pre-escort conference.

(a) Before commencing an escort transit, the tanker master shall confer, by radio or in person, with the tanker pilot and the masters of the escort vessels regarding the escort operation.

(b) The purpose of the pre-escort conference is for all parties to plan and discuss particulars of the escort transit.

(c) At a minimum, the following topics must be addressed during the pre-escort conference:

(1) The destination, route, planned speed, other vessel traffic, anticipated weather, tide, and sea conditions, and other navigational considerations;

(2) The type and operational status of communication, towing, steering, and propulsion equipment on the tanker and escort vessels;

(3) The relative positioning and reaction time for the escort vessels to move into assist positions, including, if appropriate, pre-tethering the escort vessels at crucial points along the route;

(4) The preparations required on the tanker and escort vessels, and the methods employed in making an emergency towline connection, including stationing of deck crews, preparation of messenger lines, bridles, and other towing gear, and energizing appropriate deck equipment;

(5) The manner in which an emergency towline connection would be made (which escort vessel will respond, how messengers and towlines will be passed, etc.);

(6) Other relevant information provided by the tanker master, pilot or escort vessel masters.