Title 33

SECTION 149.660

149.660 What are the requirements for emergency power

§ 149.660 What are the requirements for emergency power?

(a) Each pumping platform complex must have emergency power equipment including a power source, associated transforming equipment, and a switchboard to provide power to simultaneously operate all of the following for a continuous period of 18 hours:

(1) Emergency lighting circuits;

(2) Aids to navigation equipment;

(3) Communications equipment;

(4) Radar equipment;

(5) Alarm systems;

(6) Electrically operated fire pumps; and

(7) Other electrical equipment identified as emergency equipment in the operations manual for the deepwater port.

(b) The equipment required by paragraph (a) of this section must:

(1) All be located in the same space; and

(2) Contain only machinery and equipment for the supply of emergency power (i.e., no oil or natural gas transfer pumping equipment) in accordance with 46 CFR 112.05.

[USCG-1998-3884, 71 FR 57651, Sept. 29, 2006, as amended by USCG-2013-0397, 78 FR 39180, July 1, 2013]