Title 33

SECTION 149.580

149.580 What are the requirements for a radar beacon

§ 149.580 What are the requirements for a radar beacon?

(a) A radar beacon (RACON) must be located on the tallest platform of a pumping platform complex or other fixed structure of the deepwater port.

(b) The RACON must be an FCC-accepted RACON or a similar type.

(c) The RACON must transmit:

(1) In both 2900-3100 MHz and 9300-9500 MHz frequency bands; or

(2) If installed before July 8, 1991, in the 9320-9500 MHz frequency band; and

(3) Transmit a signal of at least 250 milliwatts radiated power that is omni-directional and polarized in the horizontal plane;

(4) Transmit a two-element or more Morse code character, the length of which does not exceed 25 percent of the radar range expected to be used by vessels operating in the area;

(5) If of the frequency agile type, be programmed so that it will respond at least 40 percent of the time, but not more than 90 percent of the time, with a response-time duration of at least 24 seconds; and

(6) Be located at a minimum height of 15 feet above the highest deck of the platform and where the structure of the platform, or equipment mounted on the platform, does not obstruct the signal propagation in any direction.