Title 33

SECTION 149.411

149.411 What are the requirements for firemen's outfits

§ 149.411 What are the requirements for firemen's outfits?

(a) Each manned deepwater port with nine or more persons must have at least two firemen's outfits complying with 46 CFR 108.497.

(b) The person in charge of safety must ensure that:

(1) At least two people trained in the use of firemen's outfits are on the deepwater port at all times;

(2) Each fireman's outfit and its spare equipment are stowed together in a readily accessible container or locker. No more than one outfit must be stowed in the same container or locker. The two containers or lockers must be located in separate areas to ensure that at least one is available at all times in the event of a fire; and

(3) Firemen's outfits are not used for any purpose other than firefighting.

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