Title 33

SECTION 149.306

149.306 What are the requirements for lifeboats

§ 149.306 What are the requirements for lifeboats?

(a) Lifeboats must be:

(1) Totally enclosed, fire-protected, and approved under approval series 160.135; and

(2) If the hull or canopy is of aluminum, it must be protected in its stowage position by a water spray system meeting the requirements of 46 CFR 34.25.

(b) Each lifeboat must have at least the provisions and survival equipment required by 46 CFR 108.575(b).

(c) Except for boathooks, the equipment under paragraph (b) of this section must be securely stowed in the lifeboat.

(d) Each lifeboat must have a list of the equipment it is required to carry under paragraph (c) of this section. The list must be posted in the lifeboat.

(e) The manufacturer's instructions for maintenance and repair of the lifeboat, required under § 150.502(a) of this chapter, must be in the lifeboat or on the deepwater port.