Title 33

SECTION 149.140

149.140 What communications equipment must be on a deepwater port

§ 149.140 What communications equipment must be on a deepwater port?

(a) Each deepwater port must have the following communications equipment:

(1) A system for continuous two-way voice communication among the deepwater port, the tankers, the support vessels, and other vessels operating at the deepwater port. The system must be usable and effective in all phases of a transfer and in all conditions of weather at the deepwater port;

(2) A means to indicate the need to use the communication system required by this section, even if the means is the communication system itself; and

(3) Equipment that, for each portable means of communication used to meet the requirements of this section, is:

(i) Certified under 46 CFR 111.105-11 to be operated in Group D, Class 1, Division 1 Atmosphere; and,

(ii) Permanently marked with the certification required in paragraph (a)(3)(i) of this section. As an alternative to this marking requirement, a document certifying that the portable radio devices in use are in compliance with this section may be kept at the deepwater port.

(b) The communication system of the tank ship mooring at an unmanned deepwater port will be deemed the primary means of communicating with support vessels, shore side, etc.

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