Title 33

SECTION 146.115

146.115 Duties of personnel during an emergency.

§ 146.115 Duties of personnel during an emergency.

(a) The owner, the owner's agent, or the person in charge shall assign to each person on a manned facility special duties and duty stations so that in event an emergency arises confusion will be minimized and no delay will occur with respect to the use or application of equipment required by this subchapter. The duties shall, as far as possible, be comparable with the regular work of the individual.

(b) The duties shall be assigned as necessary for the proper handling of any emergency, and shall include the following:

(1) The closing of air ports, watertight doors, scuppers, and sanitary and other discharges which lead through the facility's hull.

(2) The stopping of fans and ventilation systems.

(3) The donning of life preserves.

(4) The preparation and launching of life floats, lifeboats, or life rafts.