Title 33


133.5 Requests: General.

§ 133.5 Requests: General.

(a) Upon a request submitted in accordance with this part by the Governor of a State or his or her designated State official, the OSC may obtain a Federal Project Number (FPN) and a ceiling not to exceed $250,000 per incident for removal costs. The removal costs must be for the immediate removal of a discharge, or the mitigation or prevention of a substantial threat of a discharge, of oil.

(b) Before a request under this part is made, the State official will ensure that the procedures in the National Contingency Plan (40 CFR part 300) for notifying Federal authorities of the discharge or threat of discharge have been met.

(c) The Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act of 1977 (31 U.S.C. 6301-6308), 2 CFR part 3000, 6 CFR part 9, and 49 CFR parts 18 and 90, apply to Fund monies obligated for payment under this part.

[CGD 92-014, 57 FR 53969, Nov. 13, 1992, as amended by USCG-2013-0397, 78 FR 39175, July 1, 2013]