Title 33

SECTION 133.19

133.19 Recordkeeping.

§ 133.19 Recordkeeping.

(a) The State official shall maintain detailed records of expenditures made from the funds provided under this part, including records of -

(1) Daily expenditures for each individual worker, giving the individual's name, title or position, activity performed, time on task, salary or hourly rate, travel costs, per diem, out-of-pocket or extraordinary expenses, and whether the individual is normally available for oil spill removal;

(2) Equipment purchased or rented each day, with the daily or hourly rate;

(3) Miscellaneous materials and expendables purchased each day; and

(4) Daily contractor or consultant fees, including costs for their personnel and contractor-owned or rented equipment, as well as that of any subcontractor.

(b) The State official shall submit a copy of these records and a summary document stating the total of all expenditures made to the NPFC official specified in § 133.25(c) within thirty days after completion of the removal actions. A copy of these documents shall also be submitted to the cognizant OSC.

(c) Upon request of the OSC or the NPFC, the State official shall make the original records available for inspection.

(d) If, after inspecting the records, the Director, NPFC, determines that expenditures by a State official from funds obligated under this part were not eligible for funding under this part and the expenditures were not made with the good faith understanding that they were eligible under this part, the Director, NPFC, may seek reimbursement to the Fund from the State.