Title 33

SECTION 106.225

106.225 Drill and exercise requirements.

§ 106.225 Drill and exercise requirements.

(a) General. (1) Drills and exercises must test the proficiency of facility personnel in assigned security duties at all MARSEC Levels and the effective implementation of the Facility Security Plan (FSP). They must enable the Facility Security Officer (FSO) to identify any related security deficiencies that need to be addressed.

(2) A drill or exercise required by this section may be satisfied with the implementation of security measures required by the FSP as the result of an increase in the MARSEC Level, provided the FSO reports attainment to the cognizant District Commander.

(b) Drills. (1) From the date of the FSP approval, the FSO must ensure that at least one security drill is conducted every 3 months. Security drills may be held in conjunction with non-security drills, where appropriate.

(2) Drills must test individual elements of the FSP, including response to security threats and incidents. Drills should take into account the types of operations of the OCS facility, OCS facility personnel changes, the types of vessels calling at the OCS facility, and other relevant circumstances. Examples of drills include unauthorized entry to a restricted area, response to alarms, and notification of appropriate authorities.

(3) If a vessel is conducting operations with the OCS facility on the date the OCS facility has planned to conduct any drills, the OCS facility may include, but cannot require, the vessel or vessel personnel to participate in the OCS facility's scheduled drill.

(c) Exercises. (1) From the date of the FSP approval, exercises must be conducted at least once each calendar year, with no more than 18 months between exercises.

(2) Exercises may be:

(i) Full scale or live;

(ii) Tabletop simulation;

(iii) Combined with other appropriate exercises held; or

(iv) A combination of the elements in paragraphs (c)(2)(i) through (iii) of this section.

(3) Exercises may be facility-specific or part of a cooperative exercise program.

(4) Each exercise must test communication and notification procedures, and elements of coordination, resource availability, and response.

(5) Exercises are a full test of the Facility Security Plan and must include substantial and active participation of relevant company and OCS facility personnel, and may include governmental authorities and vessels depending on the scope and the nature of the exercise.

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