Title 32


770.7 Violations and environmental regulations.

§ 770.7 Violations and environmental regulations.

Violations of hunting regulations, fishing regulations, safety regulations, or principles of good sportsmanship are subject to administrative restriction of hunting or fishing privileges and possible judicial proceedings in State or Federal courts.

(a) The Marine Corps Base Game Wardens are Federal Game Wardens. They have authority to issue summons to appear in Federal court for game violations.

(b) Offenders in violation of a Federal or State hunting or fishing laws will be referred to a Federal court.

(c) Offenders in violation of a Federal, State or Base hunting or fishing law or regulation will receive the following administrative actions.

(1) The Base Game Warden shall have the authority to temporarily suspend hunting and fishing privileges.

(2) Suspensions of hunting and fishing privileges will be outlined in the Annual Fish and Wildlife Procedures Manual.

(d) Civilians found in violation of a hunting or fishing regulation or law may be permanently restricted from entering the base.

(e) Serious hunting and fishing offenses include, but are not limited to: spotlighting, false statement on a license, hunting under the influence, employment of a light in an area that deer frequent, and taking game or fish during closed seasons.

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