Title 32


770.5 Safety regulations.

§ 770.5 Safety regulations.

(a) Hunting is not permitted within 200 yards of the following: Ammunition dumps, built-up areas, rifle or pistol ranges, dwelling or other occupied structures, and areas designated by the Annual Hunting Bulletin as recreation areas.

(b) From the end of the special archery season until the end of the regular firearms winter hunting season, except for duck hunters in approved blinds, hunters will wear an outer garment with at least two square foot of blaze orange visible both front and back above the waist and a blaze orange cap while hunting, or while in the woods for any reason, during the hours that hunting is authorized. Any person traveling on foot in or adjacent to an area open for hunting will comply with this requirement.

(c) Weapons will be unloaded while being transported in vehicles, and will be left in vehicles by personnel checking in or out at the Game Check Station. Weapons will not be discharged from vehicles, or within 200 yards of hard surfaced roads.

(d) Certain hunting areas contain numerous unexploded munitions (duds) which are dangerous and must not be removed or disturbed. Hunters should mark such duds with stakes or other means and report their location to the Game Warden.

(e) Hunters must stay in their assigned areas when hunting.

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