Title 32

SECTION 770.39

770.39 Entry procedures.

§ 770.39 Entry procedures.

(a) Any person or group of persons desiring to obtain advance consent for entry upon any U.S. Naval installation or property in Puerto Rico from the Commanding Officer of the Naval installation or property, or an authorized representative of that Commanding Officer, shall present themselves at an authorized entry gate at the installation or property concerned or, in the alternative, submit a request in writing to the following respective addresses:

(1) Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Station, Roosevelt Roads, Box 3001, Ceiba, PR 00635.

(2) Officer in Charge, Naval Ammunition Facility, Box 3027, Ceiba, PR 00635.

(3) Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Security Group Activity, Sabana Seca, PR 00749.

(b) The above Commanding Officers are authorized to provide advance consent only for installations and properties under their command. Requests for entry authorization to any other facility or property shall be addressed to the following:

Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Caribbean, Box 3037, Ceiba, PR 00635.

(c) Each request for entry will be considered on an individual basis and consent will be determined by applicable installation entry instructions. Factors that will be considered include the purpose of visit, the size of party, duration of visit, destination, security safeguards, safety aspects, and the military resources necessary if the request is granted.