Title 32

SECTION 770.29

770.29 Entry procedures.

§ 770.29 Entry procedures.

(a) Operational, security, and safety considerations take priority over requests by individuals to visit a naval installation. Consistent with such considerations, visits by members of the general public may be authorized at the discretion of the commander. The commitment of resources which would be required to safeguard the persons and property of visitors as well as military property and personnel must of necessity preclude or severely restrict such visiting. The purpose and duration of the visit and the size of the party and areas to be visited are other considerations which may affect the commander's decision whether to permit visiting by members of the public.

(b) Any person or group desiring to enter a particular naval installation or portion thereof, shall submit a written request to the commander of the installation well enough in advance to allow a reasonable time for reply by mail. Mailing addresses for commanders of major installations covered by this subpart are listed in § 770.31. Full compliance with a naval installation's local visitor registration and entry control procedures shall be deemed the equivalent of obtaining the advance consent of the commander for entrance upon the installation for the purpose of this subpart. Authorization to enter one naval installation or a portion of one installation does not necessarily include the authorization to enter any other naval installation or all portions of an installation.