Title 32

SECTION 770.27

770.27 Background.

§ 770.27 Background.

(a) Naval installations in Hawaii constitute a significant element of the national defense establishment. It is vital to the national defense that the use of such areas be at all times under the positive control of the Department of the Navy. Strict control must be exercised over access to naval installations in order to preclude damage accidental and intentional to Government property, injury to military personnel, and interference in the orderly accomplishment of the mission of command.

(b) There are several industrial areas within naval installations in Hawaii wherein construction activities and the use of heavy machinery pose grave risk of danger to visitors.

(c) Various types of flammable or incendiary materials and ordnance are stored at a number of locations within naval installations in Hawaii.

(d) Classified documents and equipment requiring protection from unauthorized disclosure by Executive order 12065 for reasons of national security are located at various locations within naval installations in Hawaii.

(e) In order to effect the positive control of the Navy over its installations in Hawaii, it is essential that entry onto those installations be restricted to authorized persons only.

(f) These entry regulations are being promulgated under the authority of Commander, Naval Base, Pearl Harbor, who has been assigned as immediate area coordinator for all naval installations in the State of Hawaii by Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet.