Title 32

SECTION 770.26

770.26 Definitions.

§ 770.26 Definitions.

For the purpose of this subpart the following definitions apply:

(a) Naval installations. A naval installation is a shore activity and is any area of land, whether or not fenced or covered by water, that is administered by the Department of the Navy or by any subordinate naval command. The term “naval installation” applies to all such areas regardless of whether the areas are being used for purely military purposes, for housing, for support purposes, or for any other purpose by a naval command. Section 770.31 contains a list of the major naval installations in Hawaii. This list is not considered to be all inclusive and is included only as a representative guide. For the purposes of this subpart the area of water within Pearl Harbor is considered to be within a naval installation.

(b) Outleased areas. Certain portions of naval installations in Hawaii which are not for the time needed for public use or for which a dual use is feasible have been outleased to private interests. Examples of such outleased areas are the Moanalua Shopping Center and lands such as Waipio Peninsula, which has been outleased for agricultural purposes. For the purpose of this Subpart, outleased areas which are not within fenced portions of naval installations are not considered to be a part of naval installations. Rules for entry onto the outleased areas are made by the lessees, except in the case of Waipio Peninsula where the lessee (Oahu Sugar Company) is not authorized to allow anyone to enter Waipio Peninsula for any purpose not connected with sugar cane production.