Title 32

SECTION 935.95

935.95 Proceedings; record; judgment.

§ 935.95 Proceedings; record; judgment.

(a) The presiding Judge is responsible for the making of an appropriate record of each civil action.

(b) All persons shall give their testimony under oath or affirmation. The Chief Judge shall prescribe the oath and affirmation that may be administered by any Judge or the Clerk of the Court.

(c) Each party may present witnesses and other forms of evidence. In addition, the presiding Judge may informally investigate any controversy, in or out of the Court, if the evidence obtained as a result is adequately disclosed to all parties. Witnesses, books, papers, documents, or other objects may be subpoenaed as provided for in § 935.80 for criminal cases.

(d) The Court may issue its judgment in writing or orally from the bench. However, if an appeal is taken from the judgment, the presiding Judge shall, within 10 days after it is filed, file a memorandum of decision as a part of the record. The Judge shall place in the memorandum findings of fact, conclusions of law, and any comments that he considers will be helpful to a thorough understanding and just determination of the case on appeal.