Title 32

SECTION 935.90

935.90 General.

§ 935.90 General.

(a) The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (28 U.S.C.) apply to civil actions in the Court to the extent the presiding Judge considers them applicable under the circumstances.

(b) There is one form of action called the “Civil Action.”

(c) Except as otherwise provided for in this part, there is no trial by jury.

(d) A civil action begins with the filing of a complaint with the Court. The form of the complaint is as follows except as it may be modified to conform as appropriate to the particular action:

In the Wake Island Court [Civil Action No. ___] ______ (Plaintiff) vs. _______, (Defendant) Complaint ______ plaintiff alleges that the defendant is indebted to plaintiff in the sum of $___ that plaintiff has demanded payment of said sum; that defendant has refused to pay; that defendant resides at _____ on Wake Island; that plaintiff resides at ______.