Title 32

SECTION 935.15

935.15 Notaries public.

§ 935.15 Notaries public.

(a) To the extent he considers there to be a need for such services, the Commander may commission one or more residents of Wake Island as notaries public. The Commander of Pacific Air Forces may not redelegate this authority.

(b) A person applying for commission as a notary public must be a citizen of the United States and shall file an application, together with evidence of good character and a proposed seal in such form as the Commander requires, with a fee of $50 which shall be deposited in the Treasury as a miscellaneous receipt.

(c) Upon determining there to be a need for such a service and after such investigation as he considers necessary, the Commander may commission an applicant as a notary public. Commissions shall expire 3 years after the date thereof, and may be renewed upon application upon payment of a fee of $25.

(d) Judges and the Clerk of the Wake Island Court and the Island Attorney shall have the general powers of a notary public.