Title 32

SECTION 935.136

935.136 General operating rules.

§ 935.136 General operating rules.

No person may, while on Wake Island -

(a) Operate a motor vehicle in a careless or reckless manner;

(b) Operate or occupy a motor vehicle while he is under the influence of a drug or intoxicant;

(c) Consume an alcoholic beverage (including beer, ale, or wine) while he is in a motor vehicle;

(d) Operate a motor vehicle that is overloaded or is carrying more passengers than it was designed to carry;

(e) Ride on the running board, step, or outside of the body of a moving motor vehicle;

(f) Ride a moving motor vehicle with his arm or leg protruding, except when using the left arm to signal a turn;

(g) Operate a motor vehicle in a speed contest or drag race;

(h) Park a motor vehicle for a period longer than the posted time limit;

(i) Stop, park, or operate a motor vehicle in a manner that impedes or blocks traffic;

(j) Park a motor vehicle in an unposted area, except adjacent to the right-hand curb or edge of the road;

(k) Park a motor vehicle in a reserved or restricted parking area that is not assigned to him;

(l) Sound the horn of a motor vehicle, except as a warning signal;

(m) Operate a tracked or cleated vehicle in a manner that damages a paved or compacted surface;

(n) Operate any motor vehicle contrary to a posted traffic sign;

(o) Operate a motor vehicle as to follow any other vehicle closer than is safe under the circumstances;

(p) Operate a motor vehicle off of established roads, or in a cross-country manner, except when necessary in conducting business;

(q) Operate a motor vehicle at night or when raining on the traveled part of a street or road, without using operating headlights; or

(r) Operate a motor vehicle without each passenger wearing a safety belt; this shall not apply to military combat vehicles designed and fabricated without safety belts.