Title 32

SECTION 935.123

935.123 Warrants.

§ 935.123 Warrants.

Any Judge may issue or direct the Clerk to issue a warrant for arrest if, upon complaint, it appears that there is probable cause to believe an offense has been committed and that the person named in the warrant has committed it. If a Judge is not available, the warrant may be issued by the Clerk and executed, but any such warrant shall be thereafter approved or quashed by the first available Judge. The issuing officer shall -

(a) Place the name of the person charged with the offense in the warrant, or if his name is not known, any name or description by which he can be identified with reasonable certainty;

(b) Describe in the warrant the offense charged;

(c) Place in the warrant a command that the person charged with the offense be arrested and brought before the Wake Island Court;

(d) Sign the warrant; and

(e) Issue the warrant to a peace officer for execution.