Title 32

SECTION 935.122

935.122 Arrests.

§ 935.122 Arrests.

(a) Any person may make an arrest on Wake Island, without a warrant, for any crime (including a petty offense) that is committed in his presence.

(b) Any peace officer may, without a warrant, arrest any person on Wake Island who violates any provision of this part or commits a crime that is not a violation of this part, in his presence, or that he reasonably believes that person to have committed.

(c) In making an arrest, a peace officer must display a warrant, if he has one, or otherwise clearly advise the person arrested of the violation alleged, and thereafter require him to submit and be taken before the appropriate official on Wake Island.

(d) In making an arrest, a peace officer may use only the degree of force needed to effect submission, and may remove any weapon in the possession of the person arrested.

(e) A peace officer may, whenever necessary to enter any building, vehicle, or aircraft to execute a warrant of arrest, force an entry after verbal warning.

(f) A peace officer may force an entry into any building, vehicle, or aircraft whenever -

(1) It appears necessary to prevent serious injury to persons or damage to property and time does not permit the obtaining of a warrant;

(2) To effect an arrest when in hot pursuit; or

(3) To prevent the commission of a crime which he reasonably believes is being committed or is about to be committed.