Title 32

SECTION 935.120

935.120 Authority.

§ 935.120 Authority.

Peace officers -

(a) Have the authority of a sheriff at common law;

(b) May serve any process on Wake Island that is allowed to be served under a Federal or State law; the officer serving the process shall execute any required affidavit of service;

(c) May conduct sanitation or fire prevention inspections;

(d) May inspect motor vehicles, boats, and aircraft;

(e) May confiscate property used in the commission of a crime;

(f) May deputize any member of the Air Force serving on active duty or civilian employee of the Department of the Air Force to serve as a peace officer;

(g) May investigate accidents and suspected crimes;

(h) May direct vehicular or pedestrian traffic;

(i) May remove and impound abandoned or unlawfully parked vehicles, boats, or aircraft, or vehicles, boats, or aircraft interfering with fire control apparatus or ambulances;

(j) May take possession of property lost, abandoned, or of unknown ownership;

(k) May enforce quarantines;

(l) May impound and destroy food, fish, or beverages found unsanitary;

(m) May be armed;

(n) May exercise custody over persons in arrest or confinement;

(o) May issue citations for violations of this part; and

(p) May make arrests, as provided for in § 935.122.