Title 32

SECTION 935.12

935.12 Functions, powers, and duties.

§ 935.12 Functions, powers, and duties.

The Commander may -

(a) Appoint Peace Officers;

(b) Direct the abatement of any public nuisance upon failure of any person to comply with a notice of removal;

(c) Direct sanitation and fire prevention inspections;

(d) Establish records of vital statistics;

(e) Direct the registration and inspections of motor vehicles, boats, and aircraft;

(f) Impose quarantines;

(g) Direct the impoundment and destruction of unsanitary food, fish, or beverages;

(h) Direct the evacuation of any person from a hazardous area;

(i) Commission notaries public;

(j) Establish and maintain a facility for the restraint or confinement of persons and provide for their care;

(k) Direct the removal of any person from Wake Island and prohibit his future presence on the island;

(l) Issue traffic regulations that are not inconsistent with this part, and post traffic signs;

(m) Prohibit the posting, distribution, or public display of advertisements, signs, circulars, petitions, or similar materials, soliciting, picketing, or parading in any public place or area if he determines it would interfere with public business or endanger the health and safety of persons and property on Wake Island;

(n) Perform or direct any other acts, not inconsistent with this part or applicable laws and regulations, if he considers it necessary for protection of the health or safety of persons and property on Wake Island; and

(o) Issue any order or notice necessary to implement this section. Any order or notice issued pursuant to Air Force directives and instructions as applicable to Wake Island shall constitute an order or notice issued pursuant to this section.