Title 32

SECTION 935.105

935.105 Trial.

§ 935.105 Trial.

(a) If the accused pleads not guilty, he is entitled to a trial on the charges in accordance with procedures prescribed in the Rules of Criminal Procedure for the U.S. District Courts (18 U.S.C.), except as otherwise provided for in this part, to the extent the Court considers practicable and necessary to the ends of justice. There is no trial by jury.

(b) All persons shall give their testimony under oath or affirmation. The Chief Judge shall prescribe the oath and affirmation that may be administered by any Judge or the Clerk of the Court.

(c) Upon completion of the trial, the Court shall enter a judgment consisting of a finding or findings and sentence or sentences, or discharge of the accused.

(d) The Court may suspend any sentence imposed, may order the revocation of any Island automobile permit in motor vehicle cases, and may place the accused on probation. It may delay sentencing pending the receipt of any presentencing report ordered by it.