Title 32

SECTION 935.101

935.101 Seizure of property.

§ 935.101 Seizure of property.

Any property seized in connection with an alleged offense (unless the property is perishable) is retained pending trial in accordance with the orders of the Court. The property must be produced in Court, if practicable. At the termination of the trial, the Court shall restore the property or the funds resulting from the sale of the property to the owner, or make such other proper order as may be required and incorporate its order in the record of the case. Any item used in the commission of the offense, may, upon order of the Court, be forfeited to the United States. All contraband, which includes any item that is illegal for the owner to possess, shall be forfeited to the United States; such forfeiture shall not relieve the owner from whom the item was taken from any costs or liability for the proper disposal of such item.