Title 32

SECTION 935.100

935.100 Bail.

§ 935.100 Bail.

(a) A person who is arrested on Wake Island for any violation of this part is entitled to be released on bail in an amount set by a Judge or Clerk of the Court, which may not exceed the maximum fine for the offense charged. If the defendant fails to appear for arraignment, trial or sentence, or otherwise breaches any condition of bail, the Court may direct a forfeiture of the whole or part of the bail and may on motion after notice to the surety or sureties, if any, enter a judgment for the amount of the forfeiture.

(b) The Chief Judge of the Wake Island Court may prescribe a schedule of bail for any offense under this part which the defendant may elect to post and forfeit without trial, in which case the Court shall enter a verdict of guilty and direct forfeiture of the bail.

(c) Bail will be deposited in cash with the Clerk of the Court.