Title 32

SECTION 842.93

842.93 Statute of limitations.

§ 842.93 Statute of limitations.

(a) A claim must be filed in writing within 2 years after it accrues. It is deemed to be filed upon receipt by The Judge Advocate General, USAF/JACC, or a Staff Judge Advocate of the Air Force. A claim accrues when the claimant discovers or reasonably should have discovered the existence of the act that resulted in the claimed loss. The same rules governing accrual pursuant to the Federal Tort Claims Act should be applied with respect to the National Guard Claims Act. Upon receipt of a claim that properly belongs with another military department, the claim is promptly transferred to that department.

(b) The statutory time period excludes the day of the incident and includes the day the claim was filed.

(c) A claim filed after the statute of limitations has run is considered if the U.S. is at war or in an armed conflict when the claim accrues or if the U.S. enters a war or armed conflict after the claim accrues, and if good causes shows how the war or armed conflict prevented the claimant from diligently filing the claim within the statute of limitations. But in no case will a claim be considered if filed more than two years after the war or armed conflict ends.

[81 FR 83697, Nov. 22, 2016]