Title 32

SECTION 842.83

842.83 Non-assertable claims.

§ 842.83 Non-assertable claims.

A claim is not assertable under this subpart when it is for:

(a) Reimbursement for military or civilian employees for their negligence claims paid by the United States.

(b) Loss or damage to government property:

(1) Caused by a nonappropriated fund employee acting in the scope of employment.

(2) Caused by a person who has accountability and responsibility for the damaged property under the Report of Survey system.

(c) Loss or damage to nonappropriated fund property assertable under other provisions.

(d) Loss or damage caused by an employee of an instrumentality of the government in the absence of statutory authority to reimburse.

(e) Monies recovered against a foreign government or any of its political subdivisions. (AFLOA/JACC may authorize this claim as an exception to the rule).

(f) Loss or damage caused by an employee of another federal agency while the employee was acting in the scope of his employment.

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