Title 32

SECTION 842.82

842.82 Assertable claims.

§ 842.82 Assertable claims.

A claim may be asserted in writing for loss of or damage to government property, against a tort-feasor when:

(a) Damage results from negligence and the claim is for:

(1) More than $100.

(2) Less than $100 but collection is practicable and economical.

(b) The claim is based on a contract and the contracting officer does not intend to assert a claim under the contract. The contracting officer's intention not to assert a claim should be recorded in a memorandum for the record and placed in the claim file.

(c) The claim is for property damage arising from the same incident as a hospital recovery claim.

(d) The Tort-feasor or his insurer presents a claim against the government arising from the same incident. (Both claims should be processed together.)

(e) The claim is assertable as a counterclaim under an international agreement. (The claim should be processed under subpart G of this part).

(f) The claim is based on product liability. AFLOA/JACC approval must be obtained before asserting the claim.

[55 FR 2809, Jan. 29, 1990. Redesignated and amended at 81 FR 83696, Nov. 22, 2016]