Title 32

SECTION 842.81

842.81 Delegations of authority.

§ 842.81 Delegations of authority.

(a) Settlement authority. (1) The following individuals have delegated authority to settle, compromise, suspend, or terminate action on claims asserted for $100,000 or less and to accept full payment on any claim:

(i) The Judge Advocate General.

(ii) The Deputy Judge Advocate General.

(iii) The Director of Civil Law.

(iv) Chief, Deputy Chief, and Branch Chiefs, Claims and Tort Litigation Staff.

(2) Installation staff judge advocates have authority to assert claims in any amount, accept full payment on any claim and to compromise, suspend or terminate action on claims asserted for $25,000 or less.

(b) Redelegation of authority. A settlement authority may redelegate it to a subordinate judge advocate or civilian attorney, in writing.

(c) Authority to reduce, withdraw, or restore settlement authority. Any superior settlement authority may reduce, withdraw, or restore delegated authority.

[55 FR 2809, Jan. 29, 1990. Redesignated and amended at 81 FR 83696, Nov. 22, 2016]