Title 32

SECTION 842.62

842.62 Filing a claim.

§ 842.62 Filing a claim.

(a) Claims arising in a foreign country. (1) If a third party claimant tries to file an international agreement claim with Air Force, direct that person to the appropriate receiving State office.

(2) If the Air Force receives a claim, send it to the U.S. sending State office for delivery to the receiving State.

(b) Claims arising in the United States. The claimant files tort claims arising from the act or omission of military or civilian personnel of another contracting party at any U.S. military installation. The Staff Judge Advocate for the installation where such military or civilian personnel is assigned or attached will promptly notify the Foreign Claims Branch of USAF/JACC as well as the Commander, U.S. Army Claims Service. If the claimant files said claim at an installation other than the location where said military or civilian personnel is assigned, the Staff Judge Advocate for that installation will promptly forward the claim to the appropriate installation Staff Judge Advocate.

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