Title 32

SECTION 842.52

842.52 Who are proper claimants.

§ 842.52 Who are proper claimants.

Claimants include inhabitants of a foreign country who are:

(a) Foreign nationals. In a wrongful death case, if the decedent is an inhabitant of a foreign country, even though his or her survivors are U.S. inhabitants, the FCA will apply.

(b) U.S. nationals residing abroad, unless the claim arises from a benefit, privilege or service provided to them by the U.S. Government, or they reside in the foreign country primarily because they are employed directly by the United States, or sponsored by or accompanying such a person, or employed by a U.S. civilian contractor in furtherance of a contract with the U.S. Government, or sponsored by or accompanying such a person.

(c) U.S. corporations with a place of business in the country in which the claim arose.

(d) Foreign governments and their political subdivisions, including a municipal and prefectural government.

(e) Foreign companies and business entities.

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