Title 32

SECTION 842.126

842.126 When authorized.

§ 842.126 When authorized.

Make advance payments only where all of the following exist:

(a) The potential claimant could file a valid claim for property damage or personal injury under the Military Claims, Foreign Claims, or National Guard Claims Acts.

(b) The potential claimant has an immediate need amounting to a hardship for food, shelter, medical or burial expenses, or other necessities. In the case of a commercial enterprise, severe financial loss or bankruptcy will result if the Air Force does not make an advance payment.

(c) Other resources for such needs are not reasonably available.

(d) The potential claim equals or exceeds the amount of the advance payment.

(e) The recipient signs as advance payment agreement.

[55 FR 2809, Jan. 29, 1990. Redesignated and amended at 81 FR 83701, Nov. 22, 2016]