Title 32

SECTION 842.104

842.104 Definitions.

§ 842.104 Definitions.

This section defines terms which are used within this subpart.

(a) Medical Cost Reimbursement Program Regional Field Offices. The Chief of the Medical Cost Reimbursement Program (MCRP) Branch determines and assigns geographic responsibility for all regional field offices. Each field office is responsible for investigating all potential claims and asserting claims within their jurisdiction for the cost of medical care provided by either a Medical Treatment Facility or at a civilian facility through Tricare.

(b) Compromise. A mutually binding agreement where payment is made and accepted in an amount less than the full amount of the claim.

(c) Injured party. The person who received medical care for injury or disease as a result of the incident on which the claim is based. The injured party may be represented by a guardian, personal representative, estate, or survivor.

(d) Medical care. Includes medical and dental treatment, prostheses, and medical appliances the U.S. furnished or reimbursed other sources for providing.

(e) Reasonable value of medical care. Either:

(1) An amount determined by reference to rates set by the Director of the Office of Management and Budget for the value of necessary medical care in U.S. medical facilities.

(2) The actual cost of necessary care from other sources which was reimbursed by the United States.

(f) Third party. An individual, partnership, business, corporation (including insurance carriers), which is indebted to the United States for medical care provided to an injured party. (In some cases, a state or foreign government can be the third party.)

(g) Waiver. The voluntary relinquishment by the United States of the right to collect for medical care provided to an injured party.

(h) Accrued pay. The total of all pay accrued to the account of an active duty member during a period when the member is unable to perform military duties. It does not include allowances.

(i) Future care. Medical care reasonably expected to be provided or paid for in the future treatment of an injured party as determined during the investigative process.

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