Title 32

SECTION 842.100

842.100 Appeal of final denials.

§ 842.100 Appeal of final denials.

This section explains the steps to take when a denial is appealed.

(a) A claimant may appeal the final denial of the claim. The claimant sends the request, in writing, to the settlement authority that issued the denial letter within 60 days of the date the denial letter was mailed. The settlement authority may waive the 60 day time limit for good cause.

(b) Upon receipt of the appeal, the original settlement authority reviews the appeal.

(c) Where the settlement authority does not reach a final agreement on an appealed claim, he or she sends the entire claim file to the next higher settlement authority, who is the appellate authority for that claim. Any higher settlement authority may act upon an appeal.

(d) The decision of the appellate authority is the final administrative action on the claim.

[81 FR 83698, Nov. 22, 2016]