Title 32

SECTION 757.15

757.15 Claims not asserted.

§ 757.15 Claims not asserted.

In some cases, public policy considerations limit the DoN's assertion of claims against apparent third-party tortfeasors or a contract where the Government would be a third party beneficiary. Claims are not asserted against:

(a) Federal Government agencies. Claims are not asserted against any department, agency or instrumentality of the United States. “Agency or instrumentality” includes self-insured, non-appropriated-fund activities but does not include private associations.

(b) Injured service members, dependents, and employees of the United States. Claims are not asserted directly against a servicemember, the dependent of a servicemember, or an employee of the United States who is injured as a result of his own willful or negligent acts. The United States does assert, however, against policies that cover the injury.

(c) Employers of merchant seamen. Claims are not asserted against the employer of a merchant seaman who receives Federal medical care under 42 U.S.C. 249.

(d) Department of Veterans' Affairs care for service-connected disability. Claims are not asserted for care provided to a veteran by the Department of Veterans' Affairs when the care is for a service-connected disability. The United States will, however, claim for the reasonable value of care provided an individual before he is transferred to a Department of Veterans' Affairs hospital. This policy does not apply in cases where the MTF referred the patient to the Veterans' Affairs hospital and then paid for the care.

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