Title 32


756.7 Payment.

§ 756.7 Payment.

(a) Claims that can be settled for less than 1,500.00. A claim not covered by insurance (or not paid by the insurer), that can be settled for $1,500.00 or less, may be adjudicated by the TCU Norfolk or single-service authority and forwarded to the commanding officer of the activity concerned or designee for payment out of funds available to the commanding officer. The TCU Norfolk or single-service authority will obtain the required release from the claimant.

(b) Claims that cannot be settled for less than $1,500.00. A claim negotiated by the Navy, not covered by insurance, that is for more than $1,500.00 will be forwarded to the appropriate non-appropriated fund headquarters command for payment from its non-appropriated funds.

(c) When payment is possible under another statute. In some cases, neither the NAFI nor its insurer may be legally responsible. In those instances when there is no negligence, and payment is authorized under some other statute, such as the Foreign Claims Act, 10 U.S.C. 2734-2736, the claim may be considered for payment from appropriated funds or may be referred to the TCU Norfolk for appropriate action.

(d) Other claims. A NAFI's private insurance policy is usually not available to cover losses that result from some act or omission of a mere participant in a non-appropriated fund activity. In the event the NAFI declines to pay the claim, the file shall be forwarded to the TCU Norfolk for determination.

[72 FR 53426, Sept. 19, 2007]