Title 32


746.2 Policy.

§ 746.2 Policy.

(a) A major premise of the Presidential Statement fo Government Patent Policy, August 23, 1971 (36 FR 16887, August 26, 1971), is that government inventions normally will best serve the public interest when they are developed to the point of practical application and made available to the public in the shortest possible time. The granting of express nonexclusive or exclusive licenses for the practice of these inventions may assist in the accomplishment of the national objective to achieve a dynamic and efficient economy.

(b) The granting of nonexclusive licenses generally is preferable, since the invention is thereby laid open to all interested parties and serves to promote competition in industry, if the invention is in fact promoted commercially. However, to obtain commercial utilization of the invention, it may be necessary to grant an exclusive license for a limited period of time as an incentive for the investment of risk capital to achieve practical application of an invention.

(c) Whenever the grant of an exclusive license is deemed appropriate, it shall be negotiated on terms and conditions most favorable to the public interest. In selecting an exclusive licensee, consideration shall be given to the capabilities of the prospective licensee to further the technical and market development of the invention, his plan to undertake the development, the projected impact on competition, and the benefit to the Government and the public. Consideration shall be given also to assisting small business and minority business enterprises, as well as economically depressed, low income, and labor surplus areas, and whether each or any applicant is a United States citizen or corporation. Where there is more than one applicant for an exclusive license, that applicant shall be selected who is determined to be most capable of satisfying the criteria and achieving the goals set forth in this part.

(d) Subject to the following: (1) Any existing or future treaty or agreement between the United States and any foreign government or inter-governmental organization, or

(2) Licenses under or other rights to inventions made or conceived in the course of or under Department of the Navy research and development contracts where such licenses or other rights to such inventions are provided for in the contract and retained by the party contracting with the Department of the Navy, no license shall be granted or implied in a government invention, except as provided for in this part.

(e) No grant of a license under this part shall be construed to confer upon any licensee any immunity from the antitrust laws or from a charge of patent misuse, and the acquisition and use of rights pursuant to this part shall not be immunized from the operation of state or federal law by reason of the source of the grant.