Title 32


705.8 Motion pictures.

§ 705.8 Motion pictures.

(a) The rules and procedures given in the preceding for TV will also apply to cooperation with commercial motion picture producers.

(b) The Navy assists in the production of commercial, privately financed, nontheatrical motion pictures of institutional or of educational value to the public. They Navy will not:

(1) Solicit their production.

(2) Provide lists of subjects the Navy considers “desirable.”

(3) State that the Navy will use a commercially produced film.

(4) Imply endorsement of a product.

(5) Permit the use of official Navy seals.

(c) Navy assistance to motion pictures and all other audio-visual products produced by Navy contractors will be subject to the same rules and procedures that apply to other non-government producers. Audio-visual products produced by Navy contractors, with or without Navy assistance, will be submitted to the Chief of Information via the appropriate Navy headquarters activity for coordination with the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs) for clearance for public release. They will be accompained by five copies of the script and a statement from the producer that costs were paid from corporate (vice contract) funds.

(d) When a commercial film which has been produced with Navy cooperation is screened in a community, local commands can provide Navy exhibits for display in theater lobbies, coordinate displays of recruiting material, and arrange for personal appearances of Department of Defense and Department of the Navy military and civilian personnel, provided such cooperation is approved by the Chief of Information and the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs).

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