Title 32


705.4 Communication directly with private organizations and individuals.

§ 705.4 Communication directly with private organizations and individuals.

(a) Questions from the public and requests from groups or individuals for pamphlets, photos, biographies, historical matter, etc., must be promptly answered. (32 CFR part 701, subparts A-D refers.)

(b) Assistance within the command's capabilities should (and in some cases, must) be given. Where an established channel for obtaining the item exists, such as a publication stocked by the Superintendent of Documents (Government Printing Office), or photos, as explained in the subparagraph below, the requester may be directed to it. Under some circumstances, a charge may be made. (Consult part 701 or the command's Freedom of Information authority for details.) If a lengthy search, beyond the convenient manpower resources of the command, would be required, the requester may be offered the opportunity of examining the material at the command instead of copies being made.

(c) If a request is refused, the reason must be fully and courteously explained, as required by part 701 of this chapter.

(d) Copies of released U.S. Navy photos may be purchased by the general public.

(1) Photos made within the last 10 years may be purchased from the Naval Photographic Center. Information on the conditions of sale can be obtained by writing to the Commanding Officer, Naval Photographic Center, Naval Station, Washington, DC 20390.

(2) Photos made more than 10 years prior to the current date may be purchased from the National Archives. Details are available from: Audio-Visual Branch National Archives and Records Service, General Services Administration, Washington, DC 20408.

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