Title 32

SECTION 705.33

705.33 Participation by Armed Forces bands, choral groups, and troops in the public domain.

§ 705.33 Participation by Armed Forces bands, choral groups, and troops in the public domain.

(a) Military musical participation in public events which otherwise meet the criteria outlined herein will be limited to patriotic programs as opposed to pure entertainment and will not duplicate a performance within the capability of a civilian group. For example, music to accompany the presentation of the national colors, or a performance of military or patriotic music by a military band, drum and bugle corps or choral group may be authorized; background, dinner, dance or other social music is considered “entertainment.”

(b) Requests received for military musical participation in appropriate events in the civilian domain must include an indication from the sponsor that there is no conflict with the local civilian musicians concerning the appearance of Navy musicians. A statement to this effect from the cognizant local musicians' union must be obtained by the sponsor and attached to his request.

(c) Armed Forces musical units may be authorized to provide certain specified musical programs in the public domain. The performance must not place military musicians in competition with professional civilian musicians. Background, dinner, dance or other social music cannot be authorized. The specified programs which may be authorized usually include a short opening or closing patriotic presentation. Musical selections normally consist of a medley of military or patriotic songs, honors to the President or Vice President (if he is there), or music to accompany the presentation of colors by a Color Detail.

(1) Armed Forces musical units may be authorized to participate in official government, military and civic functions.

(i) Official government functions include those in which senior officials of the Federal government are involved in the performance of their official duties.

(ii) Official military functions include social activities held on military installations (or off when the Military Service certifies that suitable facilities are not available on post) which are sponsored by the Military Services, have as their principal purpose the promotion of esprit de corps, and are conducted primarily for active duty personnel and their guests.

(iii) Official civic functions include such State, county or municipal events as inaugurals, dedication of public buildings and projects, the convening of legislative bodies, and ceremonies for officially invited government visitors.

(2) Armed Forces musical units may also be authorized to provide patriotic and military programs at national conventions and meetings of nationally-recognized civic, patriotic and veterans organizations.

(d) Bands, drill teams and other units can normally participate at no cost to the sponsor if the event is within the installation's immediate community relations area (approximately 100-mile radius).

(1) Normally, not more than one band or other musical unit will be authorized for a parade in the civilian domain. This guidance intended to assure widest possible participation in public events of local interest (particularly on national holidays) does not apply to national convention of veterans' groups or other events having national significance.

(2) All Armed Forces participation in international and national events, and in the Washington, DC area, must be authorized by the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs).

(3) Requests for Armed Forces musical or troop units when no military installation is accessible, or for the Washington, DC-based ceremonial bands or troop units (when the event is outside the Washington, DC area), should be addressed to the parent Service of the unit:

(I) U.S. Army Chief of Public Information, Department of the Army, Washington, DC 20310. (II) U.S. Navy Chief of Information, Code OI-321, Department of the Navy, Washington, DC 20350. (III) U.S. Air Force Director of Information, Secretary of the Air Force, Community Relations Division, Washington, DC 20330. (IV) U.S. Marine Corps Commandant of the Marine Corps, Code AG, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, Washington, DC 20380.

(4) Armed Forces units may not be authorized to participate when:

(i) The event directly or indirectly endorses or selectively benefits or favors (or appears to do so) any private individual, commercial venture, sect, fraternal organization, political group, or if it is associated with solicitation of votes in a political election.

(ii) Admission, seating and other accommodations or facilities are restricted in any manner with regard to race, creed, color or national origin.

(iii) The sponsoring organization or group excludes any person from its membership or practices any form of discrimination in its functions, based on race, creed, color or national origin.

(iv) An admission charge is levied on the public primarily to see participation by an Armed Forces unit.

(v) There is fund-raising of any type connected with the event, unless all profits are to be donated to a charity which is one of the consolidated programs recognized by the Federal Services Fund-Raising Program. These are the United Givers Fund Community Chest, National Health Agencies (as a group), the International Service Agencies, and the American Red Cross (when not included in a consolidated campaign). The Military Services' Welfare Societies (Army Emergency Relief, Navy Relief and Air Force Aid Society) are also included.

(5) Sponsors of an event must agree to reimburse the Military Services concerned for transportation and per diem when participation is authorized at no additional cost to the government.

(6) Participation by Armed Forces musical units in other areas is within the authority of local military commanders, and requests for participation should be made directly to those local military installations. All requests should be submitted no earlier than 60 days and preferably no later than 45 days prior to the event.